Diamond slurry (BG-300S)

This abrasive disperse evenly, and also not easy to aggregate or deposit. Therefore, Swatek Dimond Slurry can make the lapping quality stable.

BG-300S becomes a film on polishing wheel and lubricate the wheel, so it can make the diamond powder disperse evenly on the wheel, preventing the wheel from damage. The slurry acts as surface-finishing agent , applying to materials such as LED, ceramic, metal, silicon substrates.

SiO2 Slurry
  1. Homogeneous dispersion to provide quality requirements to your application. Excellent lifetime, no scratching, uniform surface finish (Ra) in comparison with the other sources.
  2. The particle size distribution is uniform, and the shape is spherical. Easy to clean, non-crystalline residue.
  3. High purity can diminish impurity on products.
  4. Non-toxic, no environmental hormones nor solvent containing no VOC and other environmental issues.
  5. Application to semiconductor, optoelectronic semiconductor materials, such as silicon, silicon carbide wafer, sapphire wafer, gallium arsenide wafer, gallium nitride wafers, precision optics.
  6. We could customize products by your need
Solid wax
  1. Has excellent flowability and strong adhesion.
  2. Be friendly to environment.
  3. Be easy cleaned by warm water, alkaline detergents, Acetone, Isopropyl alcohol, etc.
  4. Therefore, it can decrease operation and cleaning time.
  5. Good for high precision process of grinding, lapping, polishing, etc.
  6. We could customize products by your need.
Detergent for sapphire substrate (2-0020)

對太陽能晶圓研磨、切割後表面所附著之有機物與粉塵的清洗性佳。另外對其他電子精密部品等表面附著之加工油、切削油之洗淨, 在搭配超音波、浸漬、噴洗方式清洗之後, 效果亦佳。

Detergent for sapphire (2-3016)