About Us


Founded in July 2004, Swatek Corporation consisted of an experienced sales and RD team. Swatek provides electronic components and electronic chemical products to many publicly-held enterprises in Taiwan. Our high-quality products are well-recognized by many customers.

High-quality and professional team is the best advantage of Swatek. To provide a versatile service, we offer a tailor-made and value-added solution to our customers. We develop customized and various production mode by owning excellent back-up support.

Our team is mainly formed by technicians and scientists in manufacturing, product development and research functions. We always provide the best service to meet customers’ need and expectations. Moreover; we will keep developing professional skills and keep our team members improving steadily as well.


2004.07 公司成立
2005.05 代理STEMCO COF
2008.10 研發電子化學品
2009.10 太陽能晶圓洗淨劑2-809B量產
2009.12 靜電防止劑 TL-9025 量產
2010.03 藍寶石晶圓洗淨劑2-0020量產
2011.11 鑽石液BG-300S量產
2012.09 固態蠟WL-100量產
2013.02 環保型去蠟脫脂洗淨劑DL-100量產
2013.08 拋光液 RA800 量產

Swatek core values

Swatek aims to offer customers high-quality and efficient service. We meet different types of customers’ need by developing customized solution for them. So that small to middle size enterprises can suit the market without limits.

Our future vision is set based on three core values. We build excellent and special enterprises cultures. We satisfy our customers by self-motivation.

Customer Satisfaction – We monitor and control each standard operation process strictly. With professional RD technique and strict quality requirement, we always foresee customers’ needs.

High-quality services with enthusiasm – Customers’ needs are always our first priority. We serve our customers with sophisticated experiences and enthusiasm, which enable us to provide our customers with the most complete services.

Innovative and energetic corporate culture

Basing on our fundamental product know-how, we devoted to create new method and build new market strategy. Therefore we can offer various services to our customers.